Greyson Porter • High School Player

My name is Greyson Porter and I am a junior in high school in St. Petersburg. I have been working with Rick for about 4 years now and have seen immense improvement. Rick has approached certain parts of my game that have been previous weaknesses and turned them into strengths. Rick knows the game of Golf as good as anyone I know and has been a tremendous help.

He seems to know how to fix every flaw; every time I have a lesson with him I always learn something new and see improvements in my game. I would recommend Rick Sopka because he can help any goldfer at any skill level, he’s one of the nicest guys I have met and he knows how to fix just about anything with a golf swing.

Kristoffer Shane • University of Tampa Starter

My name is Kristoffer Shane I am a 21 year old junior at the University of Tampa, where I currently play golf. I have been working with Rick Sopka for 6 years now. Rick is a very personable and knowledgeable instructor, we are still working hard and continuing to improve and maintain my golf swing and game as a whole.

Rick is someone I look up to not only from a teaching stand point but as a person, Rick is a great role model, and is also a great golfer in his own right. When we starting working together at age 15, I was just an average junior golfer and I had reached a plateau in my game (where I was not seeing the improvements that I wanted to see) and that is the reason I sought out Rick. Rick not only made my game better from a technical stand point but he helped me add numerous shots to my repertoire and made me a more complete player. Rick can help improve any player and any skill level, he has the knowledge and most advanced tools to help you reach your full potential.

Rod Perry • PGA Member

Having worked with and relied on Rick advice for the past ten years, I have been able to attain many of my professional goals. There is no doubt that, if I had not met Rick at the beginning of my career, things would be very different today. Much of what I do and teach on a daily basis came from Rick Sopka. Rick possesses an almost a supernatural ability to prioritize what is needed to play better golf. Whether its a minor glitch in a your putting stroke, a major fundamental flaw in your golf swing, or an on course issue, Rick will help you understand what has to be done to get better.

Rod Perry
7 Time North Florida PGA Player of the Year
2 Time PGA National Player of the Year
PGA Director of Instruction, Daytona Beach Golf Club

Unni Haskell • Amateur

Last year my husband and I moved from Connecticut to St. Petersburg. I decided, since my husband has played golf his entire life since 8 years old, that I would take up golf. I have been playing tennis for many years but thought it would be nice to have another sport together.

Consequently, I called Mangrove/Cypress Links and was lucky enough to get a lesson with Rick Sopka. He made it interesting and fun so I signed up for 6 one half hour lessons. I was really enjoying the challenge and on the 8th lesson, he suggested we have a putting lesson. However, I was anxious to see what it would be like on the actual course, instead of the driving range. I asked if we could try the course and he suggested Cypress, which is a par three course. So, out we went. We got to the first tee and I tried to remember what he taught me. I lined up the ball to the hole, didn’t take a practice swing, lined up the ball with a leaf in front of me, asked Rick if that was good and as the whole world knows, my first swing ever on a golf course, was a hole-in-one!!

Rick went wild as he saw the ball going into the whole, an experience that I didn’t see or understand. We went up to the green and sure enough, the ball was in the cup!!!

I am still taking lessons as Rick has made it so enjoyable and I am learning a lot. I now play with my husband who says it’s difficult playing with a celebrity but he’s impressed and we are now enjoying golf together.

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